CRC — Day 1

Today I arrived at the sprawling campus of the United States Training Center (formerly owned by Blackwater) for my first day of pre-deployment training. The USTC’s facilities are top notch, with 40 plus rangers, rappel towers, shoot houses on land and on water (for naval  operators and USCG), and high quality classrooms. My CRC class is small, three people (and this includes me) and consists of a former Army soldier and a former naval officer. I am the only “govie.” The instructors are all former military, Marine and Army and were extraordinarily professional.

Today’s events were not too exciting, mostly medical checkups, admin paper work, and an overview of activites. I had two more vaccinations and one final blood draw  and I should be set to  be medically cleared. By coincidence, one of the fellows in the CRC course had a buddy of mind from Army ROTC as his XO! Small world.

Tomorrow the fun begins. Pistol and AK-47 qualifications. As the instructor put it, “If it gets real bad, there is always an AK laying around!”

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