Colleagues & Links

Peter Moskos, a criminologist at the John Jay School of Criminology has one of my favorite blogs and a new podcast called Quality Policing Podcast.

Sarah Quinn, professor of sociology at University of Washington and a Jr. Fellow at University of Michigan.

Kevin Karpiak’s Page

Jonathan Simon’s, Governing through Crime,  Page

Kieran Healy, has a fantastic  page with many great resources. Good way to stay abreast of what’s happening in sociology.

The Marshall Project, non-profit journalism about criminal justice.

The Crime Report, criminal justice news roundup from the John Jay School of Criminology in New York City.

Friends & Coffee

Verve Coffee Roasters

Trubaca — the website of coffee gurus Chris Baca and Jared Truby


HeideGear — the go to source for philosophy inspired apparel by my brother, Kevin Lande

Kevin Lande’s blog

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