I  have spent nearly ten years as a police officer. I completed a PhD, in Sociology, at the University of California – Berkeley. My sociological interests have been the body, use-of-force, organizations, phenomenology, and social theory.  I am a committed ethnographer and have conducted two long term ethnographies.  More recently I have engaged in a variety of experimental research looking at the cognitive and perceptual dimension of police decision making. I have also worked on numerous computer vision projects aimed at building data driven models of social understanding.

I spent a two year tour of duty as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a Defense Department agency, directing the Strategic Social Interaction Modules (SSIM) program, before returning to my chosen career of law enforcement.

My colleague Jonthan Wender and I also founded a research and technology start up, Polis Solutions, Inc. Polis is a socially centered research, design, and engineering firm that has become a national leader and Bureau of Justice Assistance national training provider for de-escalation training as part of the VALOR program.

I am currently living and working in the East Bay as a Police Officer.

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  1. Hi Brian…you were my GSI at Cal and I just saw your story. I wish I can actually connect with you rather than posting a reply here. Nonetheless, please know that my love and prayers are with you and your family. Congratulations again with such a beautiful baby, you got a little “bear”!!



    • Rod,

      I just saw this. Thanks for your supportive words and know that it is very good to hear from you. Drop me a line sometime.


  2. Hi Brian, it’s been a while but just had time to track you down after the research gate request. I’ve no idea how to manage that site and can’t post the deceit paper on it but if you send me an email I can get it to you. Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve done so well. Long may it continue and warmest best wishes to you and your family

  3. Just read your co-authored article…”Moving the Needle….”, in the March 2016 Police Chief Magazine. I am a retired Major from Dayton, Ohio PD…..would enjoy talking to you about the Dayton experience, and successes….you mention Dayton in the article, but due to limited space were unable to expand on how it impacted your research/conclusions.

    Major Pat Welsh , JD (Ret.)

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