Published Research Articles

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Tooley, M., Linkenbach, J., Lande, B. J., & Lande, G. M. (2009). Media, the Public, and the Law Environment Community: Correcting Misperceptions. The Police Chief76(6), 62.

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Lande, Brian., and Klein, Gary. March 2016. “Moving the Needle:  The Science of Good Police-Citizen Encounters,” The Police Chief, 83: 28-33. Available online at:…(link is external).

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Amer, M. R., Siddiquie, B., Tamrakar, A., Salter, D. A., Lande, B., Mehri, D., & Divakaran, A. (2015). Human social interaction modeling using temporal deep networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1505.02137.

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The Media, the Public, and the Law Enforcement Community: Correcting Misperceptions.

By Colonel Michael Tooley (Montana Highway Patrol), Brian Lande (Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office), Gary Lande (Montana State University), Jeff Linkenbach (Montana State University).


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