Going Vagabond

The vehicle that will be transporting between field sites


Preparing for the next bought of fieldwork—this time domestically as a ronin sociologist-program manager. Instead of up-armored vehicles in the Stan, I will be riding my Honda Shadow to my new field-sites.  Next week off to Cali and Washington to finalize field-sites and begin the next vagabond journey into the world of  “tact and tactics.”

One Comment on “Going Vagabond

  1. Nice skate!

    I’m glad you got a cruiser instead of a crotch rocket. I was ready to trade in my old Virago for a new Shadow or a Suzuki Boulevard recently. Would prefer a Harley softtail, but they’re overpriced.

    I don’t ride much anymore. The drivers of SF are so unsafe. Every ride is a near-death experience.

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